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Saturday, May 17, 2014

People were destroying people

Thousands of heavy raindrops were all falling from the sky
When all of the Eternal angels began to weep and began to cry
The Heavens were deeply wailing and were all crying out so loud
Everyone of them kept on saying "no more fighting must be allowed"

The wind storms were quickly forming and were blowing here and there
And many fires were slowly emerging from a world that didn't care
The heartbreaks and all the hatred that was saturating everything
Caused every element to become un-anchored and turn into a sting

People who were all so created to be a blessing upon this earth
Were now awakening as fighters and sworn enemies from their birth
Something within their beings and within their spirits began to show
It wasn't the mirrored image that the Creator wanted us to know...

Gone was all of the goodness and  the loving among mankind
Warring and awful quarreling was the only thing one could find...
It was an era of evilness and an era of  an ever unending scar
Eden looked back on Genesis and wondered "how we ever got this far?"

Finally there was a silence and an eternity of un-movement upon the earth
People were destroying people and  weren't any more of them giving birth
The elements and all of the plant life and all of the creatures were dead
Because of all of the greediness hatred , earth was lifeless in her bed..

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