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Friday, May 30, 2014

Never ever let slip away

The universe is crying out to me
And it is inviting me to see
All of its great grandiosity:
And its most simple mystery

It is truly a breath of  love
And it is a gift from above
Speaking of what it is made of:
It is homing both the beast and dove

So it can be both great and high
And it can be in the smallest sigh
It a song is for both you and I
To appreciate from morning unto nigh..

All around us in  the world outside
Is so much of God's beauty un-denied
Roaming around in all of the ocean tide
Or in the whispering wind touching us inside.

So let us all watch the world run and play
Inside all of the beauty of the day
And never ever let slip away
What can transform our feelings oh so gray

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