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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I hear the sound of the Heavens

I hear the sound of the Heavens
in the morning breezes blowing
The angelic melodies echo
through the plants and treees unknowing
All of the waking of the universe
and all of the wisdom morning brings
Creates in us a vision
of what is making the simplest seedling sing.

The touch of the radiant sunbeams
as they're dancing across the sky
Is warming to the inner spirit
and is inspiring to the passerby
The tinkling of all of the raindrops
as they're falling upon our earth
Creates that inner excitement
likened to that of Eden giving birth

There's so much more to be seeing
than that which can be seen upon the TV
The beauty and the awe of the natural
lasts longer than any earthly ecstasy
Something about those  melodies
that are coming from this earth so vast and wide
Leaves us longing for that Eternal Newness
that can only be discovered deep inside.

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