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Sunday, May 4, 2014

I am trying to understand

I am trying to understand it the cruelty of some
Who will wound the one weeping as though they were numb
Unable to experience it, the suffering one's grief
The heartless will act blinded and offer no relief.

I am trying to comprehend it the greediness of some
Who will stop at no measure to appear:  number one
Stomping out the glitter and the glow of "the weak"
The ruthless will take power and everything they seek..

I am trying to avoid it the "whirlwind of success"
Echoing from the media and the world's wealthiest
For I know that the happiness I'm seeking inside
Is not from some change purse or mountain of pride....

I am trying to keep stillness and serenity serene
Focusing my ambitions on the lowliest scene
Where eternity is huddled into a mere human frame
To offer the created some of It's Everlasting Fame...

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