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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How I see it. ......

It is not inside of my heart to be harboring war or  hate
The Lord has not gifted me with the skill of winning debate
My heart was only made to be loving and so it is my inner mind
Can only know it's  truest peace, when I am serving humankind

Inside of my being is a  Spirit and all of the needed grace
To be functioning as a  contributing part of the entire human race.
And though I may not be greatly ackowledged for what I may say it do
I know that mine is a particular calling and it is for me alone to do.

There isn't any room for any of that comparing or any of that silly race
For each of us are made so very different; being ahead is so out of place.
It isn't what we were created for; and this rivalry is so out if place.
Peace will only  be restored to us all we are all respecting each other's space


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