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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you ?

Have you tasted those treats that come from above
They fill  you up with Eternity's love
Not like the food that's passing with time
Eternity's food is forever sublime...

Have you noticed the things that God displays
They bring us to life throughout all our days
Unlike the things that our world might make
The Eternal One doesn't make a  mistake....

Have you felt the touch of the Eternal divine
It moves your heart and your soul to shine
Not like the love of some passing  man
Everlasting love can transform it can...

Have you heard the silence speaking out loud
It's noisier than the loudest crowd
But unlike the noise we might hear each day
The silence of God has so much to say..

1 comment:

  1. "The silence of God has so much to say." This statement makes me reflect upon the sky, silent but speaks so loudly of the love of God. His protection hovers over us faithfully. Thank you Joy for blessing me with your gift.


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