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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Created just for you..........

Look out into that beauty, it was created just for you
Hear the world of creation its singing songs so true
How pleasing to the spirit and how pleasing to the eyes
The universe is healing and creating great surprise

Feel the warmth of springtime it's warming us within
See the signs of new life the flowers bloom again
Everywhere there's springtime, yes everywhere around
Signs of hope and new life are creating simple sound

The world you see on the media and flaunted all around
Isn't always as you find it when you gaze into the sound
Springing from the universe and echoing through the hills
For the world of the propagandist is always about the frills..

So ground yourself in wholeness that's whispering everywhere
And let yourself be taken into the Spirit's atmosphere
For there you'll find completeness: that destiny so sublime
We weren't ever meant to be captives of any space or time...

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