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Thursday, May 1, 2014

But who is my neighbor?

What is the reason for you closing your eyes?
To the wounds of another, why act with surprise?
Are you really so busy, and so unable to hear?
Your neighbor is calling you: why won't you hear?

"But who is my neighbor and who is so needy?"
I ask with pretention because I'm so greedy:
The person right next to you the  one in the store
Everyone you're encountering: oh, must I say more?

The world is a marketplace but also a shrine
The people who enter it are part of the Divine
So how will you worship there: how will you pray
it's not just the Sabbath day that's holy I say....

So seek you those altars in the souls that you see
And you'll be encountering the blessings of Three
The honor you show them: the respect and the love
Will raise you to a newness with the Eternal Above...

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