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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beautiful is the gathering

Serene is the sound of that early morning breeze
As she moves through the branches of the slowly waking trees
How softly does she whisper and how tender is her touch
Truly we cannot question that our God does love us much..

Quiet is the movement of the clouds up in the sky
Gracefully they are floating and saluting you and I
How beautiful are their colors and how silent are their ways
Gazing upon their loveliness is an inspiration for praise

Melodic is that symphony that is slowly beginning to rise
A million different creatures are singing out their replies
To the sounding of the morning as she is waking up everyone
Beautiful is that gathering of the created beneath the sun..

How many times each morning have we ever noticed the air
We breathe it in quite frequently and it is everywhere
But too often what is constant becomes a dreadful casualty
Of our whirlwinds and our busy-ness: we can no longer see

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