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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oh the wonderful-ness...

Oh the peaceful soothing stillness that breaks open every day
What an ointment for one's spirit and what a blessing for the way
How much the soul has been searching for it: this moment of quiet grace
While the healing spirit is whispering  the things we need to erase..

How often are we awakened to the serenading sounding dawn
While birds of every feather are chirping about the moments gone
The skies above are all colorful and are so very anxious for us to see
The beautiful whisps of cloudy mass that create figures for you and me.

Oh the wonderful-ness of the breaking morn... the unique-ness of it all
How often we will fail to notice it even though it can consistently call..
Through the movements of the blowing breezes and the silence of the trees
The Spirit is inviting us all to that greatness that no  human eye ever sees...

Friday, May 30, 2014

Never ever let slip away

The universe is crying out to me
And it is inviting me to see
All of its great grandiosity:
And its most simple mystery

It is truly a breath of  love
And it is a gift from above
Speaking of what it is made of:
It is homing both the beast and dove

So it can be both great and high
And it can be in the smallest sigh
It a song is for both you and I
To appreciate from morning unto nigh..

All around us in  the world outside
Is so much of God's beauty un-denied
Roaming around in all of the ocean tide
Or in the whispering wind touching us inside.

So let us all watch the world run and play
Inside all of the beauty of the day
And never ever let slip away
What can transform our feelings oh so gray

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Little apology :)

Just want to apologize that my latest poems may not appear like the others. I had crashed my laptop and was typing on kindle. I have a new laptop and so should be able to give some good quality posts ...Hope all are well.. I may put some writing in between poems sometimes. Hope all are well?

The earth is cring out

The earth is crying out, she is weeping from within her very core.
Hear her  as she is saying: "no more violence I am saying: no more"
But we keep on fighting and our warring never seems to have an end
Are we all forgetting that  each of us was created to be the others friend?

Can you not hear it: that peaceful outpouring of love that begins our day?
All of the creating beings are acknowledging it in their own way.
In  peace and in harmony they are singing their thanksgiving, side by side.
Oh let their flowing melody be the calming ointment for all forms of pride.

We are all related and in each if us there is but one life giving spirit of all
We may be moving separately but One Eternal Being gives us our  call
Breaking up that unity meant to keep our world in side a lasting peace
Will prove to be most toxic and bring everyone to some painful realities.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How I see it. ......

It is not inside of my heart to be harboring war or  hate
The Lord has not gifted me with the skill of winning debate
My heart was only made to be loving and so it is my inner mind
Can only know it's  truest peace, when I am serving humankind

Inside of my being is a  Spirit and all of the needed grace
To be functioning as a  contributing part of the entire human race.
And though I may not be greatly ackowledged for what I may say it do
I know that mine is a particular calling and it is for me alone to do.

There isn't any room for any of that comparing or any of that silly race
For each of us are made so very different; being ahead is so out of place.
It isn't what we were created for; and this rivalry is so out if place.
Peace will only  be restored to us all we are all respecting each other's space


Monday, May 26, 2014


Before the noisy-ness disrupts this day
Before the hustle and bustle will play
Before the creatures of the dawn will arise
I'll be inside the silence of the sleeping skies

Before the sunrise will illuminate the sky
And before the universe lets out her sigh
Before all of the commotion of "having to do"
I'll be embracing the absence of time, it's true..

Before you are reading this simple rhyme
Before anyone notices the keeper of time
Before the first dew drops are starting to fall
I'll be listening to  wisdom as she awakens us all..

Before you are wondering about what you must do
Before you are dressing up and eating, it's true
Before you are travelling and are making a fuss
I'll be lost in the Creator Who's inside of us...

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Magical moments....

Inside of my heart and inside of my soul
The angels are whispering without any control
Of the sacred things and the creative things
Of the hidden things and the mystical blings

Within all of this space and along all of the way
The soul is being taught  by all that they say
Illuminating lights, who will converse with  me...
I'm awed and I'm lost within such mystery.

Silenced and wondering about all of this grace
I'm exploring the realms of timeless space
Mystical,  magical moments of time
I'm moved within to write some rhyme...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Couldn't she love me?

Tears were streaming down my face
The belt it tore without disgrace
I sat and wept and wondered why
She beat and beat and made me cry

She called me names and hit my face
Inflicted wounds that wouldn't erase
I questioned not and feared her more
Than all of the hurts upon the floor

Broken and beaten up: time after time
Left me limping and searching for rhyme
Couldn't she love me: couldn't she care
A mother a mom or an abuser unfair..

Friday, May 23, 2014


Fill me, O Spirit, and utilize me for the good of all
I hear You speaking and cannot resist You piercing call
Help me O Spirit to be all that You have called me to be
Guide me O Spirit from here unto the portals of Eternity

Instruct me, O Spirit, with words I can fully understand
I feel you inside me and am extending to You my hand
Unapproachable yet present I feel you are all around me
Help me, O Spirit, for without You I cannot continue to be.

I greet You, O Spirit, in every moment opening up to me today
I breathe You, O Spirit and know You will be making everything okay
I acknowledge You, O Spirit, and won't ever deny how much You  are
I appreciate You, O Spirit for  from me You have never gone too far

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wouldn't you like to experience it...

Oh, the sounding of the silence: how loudly does it call.
It errupts inside my busy-ness and allows the peace to fall
Like the sounding of the river waves: so flowing and ever free
The silence is my resting place and it tells me who I can be..

Moving through the moments of time and jumping through the trees
The silence appears inside the space where imagination sees
The secret wisdom of all times and the rhythm of the blessed.
Oh the treasures of the quiet-ness: it is such a sweet arrest

Wouldn't you like to taste the time that can captivate the heart?
It'll hold you within its sweet embrace and set your soul apart
From all of the hustles and bustles of life: the noiselessness of rhyme
Wouldn't you like to experience now? You have only to take the time..

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Would you try to steal my happiness?

Would  you try to steal my happiness:
 to rob me of my joy?
No matter how much you badger me
this peace you'll never destroy
You can throw me to the whirling winds
of wagging tongues so cruel
But I'll come out the victorious one
unharmed by the fiery pool..

All around me I have my guardians:
my defenders and protectors too
Though storms may batter this heart of mine
 their constancy is true
Invisible beings of the way
 they are ever moving with unmeasured speed
Ensuring that everyone within their path
 is receiving all that they need

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I hear the sound of the Heavens

I hear the sound of the Heavens
in the morning breezes blowing
The angelic melodies echo
through the plants and treees unknowing
All of the waking of the universe
and all of the wisdom morning brings
Creates in us a vision
of what is making the simplest seedling sing.

The touch of the radiant sunbeams
as they're dancing across the sky
Is warming to the inner spirit
and is inspiring to the passerby
The tinkling of all of the raindrops
as they're falling upon our earth
Creates that inner excitement
likened to that of Eden giving birth

There's so much more to be seeing
than that which can be seen upon the TV
The beauty and the awe of the natural
lasts longer than any earthly ecstasy
Something about those  melodies
that are coming from this earth so vast and wide
Leaves us longing for that Eternal Newness
that can only be discovered deep inside.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Beware of those people

Beware of those people who will become a friend
With their own agendas and their needs as an end
Caring and loving they won't have in their heart
They're looking for someone they can tear apart

They'll pump you so quickly for all that they need
Then disappear quickly with all of their greed
About any of your feelings or  accounts of your day
They won't have any time, they speed quickly away..

So be careful when choosing when accepting a friend
Be selective and cautious about the invites you send
Not everyone who is out there is someone who'll be
A friend  and a companion or a proven trustee..

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Touch now, all of that radiance...

Touch now, all of that radiance; that is opening up this brand new day.
Listen, to all of the flowers; they have so much they're wanting to say.
Sing, with all of the creatures, as they're starting to sing their song;
And hear the heart of the universe keeping beat with us all day long

See now, that swirling wind streams: how they are hiding from you and I ?
Reach up and catch the cloud puffs that are filling up our morning sky
Sense inside you, all of those energies, that are all moving us with time;
And allow yourself such freedoms that will burst out with impromptu rhyme...

How then, will you be feeling: when you're shaking hands with mother earth?
And how is it your spirit will be singing when you witness each moments birth?
Capture it all, with all of your being, and with all of your senses deep within:
Embrace the mystery of the connections that the Eternal Creator made us in..

Saturday, May 17, 2014

People were destroying people

Thousands of heavy raindrops were all falling from the sky
When all of the Eternal angels began to weep and began to cry
The Heavens were deeply wailing and were all crying out so loud
Everyone of them kept on saying "no more fighting must be allowed"

The wind storms were quickly forming and were blowing here and there
And many fires were slowly emerging from a world that didn't care
The heartbreaks and all the hatred that was saturating everything
Caused every element to become un-anchored and turn into a sting

People who were all so created to be a blessing upon this earth
Were now awakening as fighters and sworn enemies from their birth
Something within their beings and within their spirits began to show
It wasn't the mirrored image that the Creator wanted us to know...

Gone was all of the goodness and  the loving among mankind
Warring and awful quarreling was the only thing one could find...
It was an era of evilness and an era of  an ever unending scar
Eden looked back on Genesis and wondered "how we ever got this far?"

Finally there was a silence and an eternity of un-movement upon the earth
People were destroying people and  weren't any more of them giving birth
The elements and all of the plant life and all of the creatures were dead
Because of all of the greediness hatred , earth was lifeless in her bed..

Friday, May 16, 2014

She was just a girl...

Tears were rolling down her face
Filled with memories of a place
If only they had loved her more
She'd have the love she's looking for

But she was just a girl in time
Beaten down and  lost in rhyme
Too many sorrows she had known
Unloved by those who were her own

Family and friends they didn't know..
All the things that hurt her so
For her silence way was long:
Was she broken or was she strong?

Now they stand in shock and awe
Over things they never saw
Hush my dearest hush they say
The past is past put that away

So she's wanting now to heal
But they call her words unreal
Fantasies and childish mares
Made up lies and evil snares..

Would you keep her in this hurt
Turn your back and  call her dirt
Would you continue again and again
Denying her truths so deep within

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Every morning

Birds are singing all around
Morning's waking with the sound
Breezes blowing here and there
The squirrels are scampering everywhere..

Little plant-lets glow and shine
Sun beams touch this heart of mine
Spring is singing in the air
While whispering winds will soothe and care

Every morning appears brand new
Fresh with flowery scents and dew
Tasty sweetness-es will fill the day
While daunting demons will run away

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Beautiful is the gathering

Serene is the sound of that early morning breeze
As she moves through the branches of the slowly waking trees
How softly does she whisper and how tender is her touch
Truly we cannot question that our God does love us much..

Quiet is the movement of the clouds up in the sky
Gracefully they are floating and saluting you and I
How beautiful are their colors and how silent are their ways
Gazing upon their loveliness is an inspiration for praise

Melodic is that symphony that is slowly beginning to rise
A million different creatures are singing out their replies
To the sounding of the morning as she is waking up everyone
Beautiful is that gathering of the created beneath the sun..

How many times each morning have we ever noticed the air
We breathe it in quite frequently and it is everywhere
But too often what is constant becomes a dreadful casualty
Of our whirlwinds and our busy-ness: we can no longer see

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hidden Illnesses

I feel inside me this undying pain
I try and try to peacefully remain
Inside the loop of the here and there
While carrying this burden everywhere..

I try to smile at everyone I see
They look and smile: they don't know me
They keep on walking until  out of sight
Unaware of my struggles or of my plight..

The hidden illnesses and sufferings
Continue on while my heart beat sings
Of stress and worry and I don't knows
Help me dear angels the pain it grows..

For some,  tomorrows will always bring
Alleviation from hurts and everything;
But for others the pain, it forever stays:
Accepting it becomes a hymn of praise.

Monday, May 12, 2014

What would you say??

Have you ever heard that it is a kind thing to be loving
And there isn't really any need for anyone to be shoving
For there is space enough; yes there is space enough...

And have you heard that is a good thing to be a friend
to be that person upon whom others can always depend
Yes that is what it is to be a friend: to be a very good friend

Have you seen that there is out there a bright blue sky
And its always there:  stretching out there for you and  I
Have you ever noticed it, have you ever noticed it?

Have you taken the time to smell all the flowers of the field
What a beautiful sight to see what aromas they  will yield.
They are there for us, yes they are there for us...

And if I would ask you if you would have any time
To help me add some verses to this. my simple rhyme
What would you say, yes tell me what would you say?

Tapping into the universe

I sit here breathing deeply and taking in all the air.
Listening to all of creation, has left me quite aware
Of  the many opportunities that there are just for me
To tap into the universe's uniqueness and its immensity.

Something about the soundings, that are echoing all around:
Tells me of all the beauties, that are waiting to be found.
If I, with all of my activities and my worries of the day,
Would take the time to notice them: how colorful would be my way

So I'm resolving to take the moments and resolving to be still
Long enough to hear these murmurings: these inspirers of my will
I will let in all of the universe and I will let in all of the sound
That are carrying the Creator's secrets and are inviting me to be found..

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life has been given to us...

Life has been given to us, oh let us be truly grateful
There isn't any room for us to be acting so hateful
Plentiful are the riches that are falling from the Divine
They rest now before us:  before your heart and mine.

The earth is our treasure chest and within it we can find
The choices of all blessings for the whole of human kind
Created by the Un-created One Who has no beginning or no end
The universe is a constant reminder of our Infinite Friend..

How shall we be expressive of all this happiness we're feeling
These gifts that keep on coming to us are ever so revealing
Of an Infinite One so caring and ever ready to be so giving
Who of us would not want to be more like this in all of our living?

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Before the break of day

Before the break of day I could hear the call
Of the breezes blowing and the sighs so small
Every whisper and murmur seemed so very loud
In those  hours before dawn: without a crowd

I could see them: all of those  fairies of the night
Taking their leave with the soundings of the daylight
Their wings were swift and their faces were all aglow
With the Eternal Outpouring of graces for all below

Something so sweet was blowing inside the air
Carrying  messages to everyone without a care
The songs of the morn they were sounding so dear..
If only everybody would take the time to hear..

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Created just for you..........

Look out into that beauty, it was created just for you
Hear the world of creation its singing songs so true
How pleasing to the spirit and how pleasing to the eyes
The universe is healing and creating great surprise

Feel the warmth of springtime it's warming us within
See the signs of new life the flowers bloom again
Everywhere there's springtime, yes everywhere around
Signs of hope and new life are creating simple sound

The world you see on the media and flaunted all around
Isn't always as you find it when you gaze into the sound
Springing from the universe and echoing through the hills
For the world of the propagandist is always about the frills..

So ground yourself in wholeness that's whispering everywhere
And let yourself be taken into the Spirit's atmosphere
For there you'll find completeness: that destiny so sublime
We weren't ever meant to be captives of any space or time...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

That sacred silence...

There is an Inner Spirit that speaks to me the Way
It enlightens me in the darkness and tells me what to say
I'm forever in This Presence  of  The Everlasting One
Who's keeping watchful eye over  me and everyone...

I hear a whispering mantra inside my sacred space
It's echoing purest wisdom and filling me with grace
Without the need for speaking It communicates to me
Touching my inner being and enabling me to see....

There is a sacred silence, a mystical atmosphere
Where souls can be enabled and primed to sweetly hear
The messages of Their Maker , the secrets most divine
It's ours to make this discovery and ours to pan and mine...

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you ?

Have you tasted those treats that come from above
They fill  you up with Eternity's love
Not like the food that's passing with time
Eternity's food is forever sublime...

Have you noticed the things that God displays
They bring us to life throughout all our days
Unlike the things that our world might make
The Eternal One doesn't make a  mistake....

Have you felt the touch of the Eternal divine
It moves your heart and your soul to shine
Not like the love of some passing  man
Everlasting love can transform it can...

Have you heard the silence speaking out loud
It's noisier than the loudest crowd
But unlike the noise we might hear each day
The silence of God has so much to say..

Monday, May 5, 2014

Please give us Lord....

In all this rush and in all this noise
It is so hard to hear the Spirit's voice
With all this wealth and with all this greed
There's need for balance Lord intercede

Please give us Lord  Your eyes to see
That each of us are part of Your Family
And that we should love and we should care
For those You have given us everywhere.

We have no time yes we have no time
For silent thought or for rhythmic rhyme
We have to plan and we have to live
We haven't a moment to pray or give.

Please give us Lord, Your eyes to see
That each of us are part of Your Family
And that we should love and we should care
For those You have given us everywhere.

We're feeling drained but we have to go:
The hustle of our life has made this so
We cannot think and we have to rush
Our sense of feeling is out of touch..

Please give us Lord, Your eyes to see
That each of us are part of Your Family
And that we should love and we should care
For those You have given us everywhere.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I am trying to understand

I am trying to understand it the cruelty of some
Who will wound the one weeping as though they were numb
Unable to experience it, the suffering one's grief
The heartless will act blinded and offer no relief.

I am trying to comprehend it the greediness of some
Who will stop at no measure to appear:  number one
Stomping out the glitter and the glow of "the weak"
The ruthless will take power and everything they seek..

I am trying to avoid it the "whirlwind of success"
Echoing from the media and the world's wealthiest
For I know that the happiness I'm seeking inside
Is not from some change purse or mountain of pride....

I am trying to keep stillness and serenity serene
Focusing my ambitions on the lowliest scene
Where eternity is huddled into a mere human frame
To offer the created some of It's Everlasting Fame...

The pen wouldn't write....

The pen wouldn't write it, wouldn't write any more
The heart wouldn't speak up for it was feeling too sore
The pages were all blank now and without any lines
The blogger wouldn't write out any more of her rhymes

The people were all looking but they didn't know
That the poetry once written had no where to go
The pages were all silent and there wasn't a sound
The sweet flowing verses were nowhere around..

So was this the ending, the ending of her routine?
Has the poetry just ended? Do you know what I mean?
What was it that has silenced her musings and song
Is it truly the ending or is it really the dawn?

Friday, May 2, 2014

When I wake up in the morning...

When I wake up in the morning, I let my soul be still
And I open up the windows to let the outside touch my will
I breathe in all of the beauty and the morning air so pure
While symphonic sounds of daylight delight my heart for sure.

While the birds are singing sweetly,  squirrels are gathering round
And branches of trees are swaying to the windy rhythmic sound
The skies outside are cloudless and a stretch of blue I see
Today's  picture perfect opening is uplifting as can be..

The dew drops slowly disappearing are sparkling everywhere
While flowers with all their colors are sweetening the air.
Sounds of the created invading the tender silence of   morn
Are  awakening in me a longing for the Eternity of the Reborn.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

But who is my neighbor?

What is the reason for you closing your eyes?
To the wounds of another, why act with surprise?
Are you really so busy, and so unable to hear?
Your neighbor is calling you: why won't you hear?

"But who is my neighbor and who is so needy?"
I ask with pretention because I'm so greedy:
The person right next to you the  one in the store
Everyone you're encountering: oh, must I say more?

The world is a marketplace but also a shrine
The people who enter it are part of the Divine
So how will you worship there: how will you pray
it's not just the Sabbath day that's holy I say....

So seek you those altars in the souls that you see
And you'll be encountering the blessings of Three
The honor you show them: the respect and the love
Will raise you to a newness with the Eternal Above...