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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What am I missing ....?

What am I missing with all of my rush:
The beautiful creatures and a cool April touch
Golden streams flowing with the breaking of dawn
The birds and the squirrels and a doe with her fawn.

The first signs of springtime, the dew all around
Crocuses and lilies and tulips in the ground
Insects with their movement and clouds in the sky
Winds with their whispering  and the quiet butterfly..

The missing in action those things I can't see
Really aren't missing but they might as well be
Because with all of my hurrying and all of my rush
I don't give them notice and haven't time for such.

So it would be to my benefit the good of my soul
To take on a pattern that will create a new goal
From hurrying and acquiring and running around
To quieting my movements and softening my sound

Rising up each morning and settling down at night
With creatures and creation and all things of light.
No need for the competing and no need for the rush
Let the rest of the world have it for I'm not needing such.

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