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Friday, April 11, 2014

The pace that brings us peace

Early in the waking morning and rising with the sun
Creatures of the universe are readying for their fun
Singing out with happiness and jumping all around
All the earth is singing out. Hear their cheerful sound?

Filtering through the atmosphere; shining through the sky:
The enormous sun is setting out to warm both you and I
We feel it with our waking up; and see it with our eyes:
The morning star is welcoming the universe who sighs...

Pushing through our sleepiness; and readying for our day:
Everyone  is waking  up but  rushing along the way
We have to get our things in order: have so much to do
Before you know it: "time is up" and our free time too..

We haven't time to look and notice the beauty of the trees
We're caught up in our whirlwind life: no time for ecstasies!
When we're done with scheduled stuff and end our busy day
We haven't time to look outside or join the earth in play

So what's the answer to our rush,  the pace that brings us peace:
Slowing down our world enough to appreciate the bees...
Breathing in with slower breaths the airs of every day
And pausing long enough to whisper with the earth and pray...

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