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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The day has been crying

The day has been crying the tears of the skies
Heartache and tragedy before us now lies
Headlines have told us about sorrowing Fort Hood
Oh my dearest Jesus please help us be good..

The papers keep  filling up line after line
Tragedy and heartache appear every time
What is it that keeps us from doing the right:
Addictions to the darkness and fear of the Light?

I cannot believe it the newscast each day
Always spending hours on the negative  display
It would be so wonderful and a blessing to hear.
Something more positive and not so much   fear

To those who are suffering my heart speaks to you
I wish I could erase it: everything you're going through
But I cannot begin to do this: so I address you in rhyme:
May your heart find true healing with the passing of time.

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