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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tap into the beauty...

Slow down, oh my soul, there is so much for you to see:
So much of the universe is just now starting to be.
If you would be too quick and hurry on through the day;
You would miss all of the artwork and the beauty on display

What is your reason for racing, for never taking the time?
Are you afraid of the  Inspirer of verse and of rhyme?
Or is it that the silence, that comes from no more noise
Awakens the inner spirit that challenging Inner Voice?

There's a greatness in the absence of speeding through the day
And you can only discover it by slowing down your way
With the vision of the newness of an ever breaking morn
You can tap into that beauty with which your soul was born..

Creativity and discovery are both waiting for you to hear
That invitation to be vacating: all that hurried atmosphere
So will you do this my being, will you make that unhurried time
And enter into the realms of the sacred and the sublime?

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