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Monday, April 21, 2014

Still thinking of you, my sister so dear....

Still thinking of you my sister so dear
I know  you are happy and free from all fear
Death took you so early and now you can see
Heaven is so beautiful: isn't it Vicky?

I remember the phone calls and talking with you
Your love for good music and tv shows too
"Pizza's so delicious and so is some pop"
You loved to get bargains whenever you'd shop

You were always a realist and never would lie
Spoke of the good times and those that passed by
You were always my sister and also my friend
I miss you so dearly on this you can depend..

Hope you'll remember me before our dear  God
And send me some angels for this road that I trod
It makes me so jealous to know that you're  there
But my time hasn't come yet I'm getting my fare...

So long dearest Vicky,  accept this poor rhyme
I'll be looking to see you in God's chosen time
Sing with  the angels and be all that you can be
As you bask in God's presence for all of  Eternity..

Love you Vicky:

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