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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rest in Peace Vicky..

Tears are falling down my eyes
Though outside are sunny skies
I'll  always miss you: it is true
I know all that you've been through

Though others said it wasn't so
You and I  had wounds to show
Now you are  in a better place
Peaceful bliss and life of grace.

I remember all: the days of old
How our childhood would unfold:
You and I would talk and play
And wish the hurts would go away

Truth be known that Heaven's great
It is our end:  our destined fate
Vicky Pachowicz: sweet sister dear
I miss you dearly: you're always near


  1. (((Hugs))) Joy. No matter what others may say to you from your family, allow yourself to grieve this hurtful loss. Sending prayers and love your way, my friend.

  2. Thank you Patricia.. I appreciate your kind words.. many don't know what I did for my siblings "behind the scenes" .. I loved my sister so much we were only one year apart.. and we went through so much together as children .. Though I was far away would send her things ..that I knew she'd would like pizza, cd's .. digital games.. it was my way of somehow being there with her.. ..Though it may not have been the best things in others eyes it's what she liked and wanted.. it just made me happy to make her happy.. now she can have all the pizza and pop and beautiful music she wants at no cost.. I still can't get over that she passed away.. .:( joy


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