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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Priceless moments

Inside  your soul there is too much noise
Be still and let your own spirit have voice
Talk without ranting and whisper away
Peace is inside you: has something to say..

The whirlwind of running around and around
Has led you to nothing; no treasures are found.
So let go of the nothingness and open  your heart
Great things will be happening: are waiting to start..

It's not in the having or in the being up high.
That the happiness is found or seen to pass by
But rather it is  inside of the unmeasureable time
That mysteries are discovered converted to rhyme.

The sequence is continuous and echoes  its theme:
Things may seem sparkly but aren't what they seem
Priceless are the moments and untouchable the way
Reserved for the silent and the people who pray....

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