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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Please don't judge me...

Just because you are not frightened by the things that frighten me
Doesn't mean I can not be frightened or  that the fear cannot be
It simply means the stimulus that is presently triggering me
Is something you haven't experienced in any of your history

So let me be afraid now and let me experience this passing fear
And do not go on to belittle me when I am not around to hear
For the angels who are surrounding us and are ever by our side
Are aware of all our whisperings: no matter our attempts to hide.

You're strong in all of your actions so it's hard for you to understand
That someone else can be trembling  and  needing an extra hand
So please don't tell me the "suppose to's", the things that "I should do"
Because you cannot  imagine it:  all the trauma that I've been through.

I know that I am a  weakling  and that you have not fear at all...
So it's hard for you to understand it:  the things that make me fall
But I ask you try to imagine it: inside your mind: so brave and strong
How you'd handle a tenth of my trauma and the hurts I carry along?


  1. Joy!!..I could feel you in every word every line of this poem. I do believe criticism and put downs comes from the lips of those who are afraid to enter their individual dark place. You are a brave girl, Joy. I appreciate your spirit and your contribution to hurting humanity.

    1. Hi...thank you for commenting with such encouraging words...I hear you saying I am brave...I wish I felt braver..but some day I will....Your words are very appreciated...



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