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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Out from the shadows

They went to the grave of the Crucified One
With grief in their heart over all that was done
The visions of that Friday were still deep within
The oils and the ointments they were carrying to Him

But to their amazement, the great stone was gone
And their Beloved was missing: disappeared before dawn
Who was it,  who took Him and where could He be?
They searched and they called Him:  the Lamb of Calvary

But no one would be answering.. their shouts or their call
The burial place was now empty, as witnessed by all
Mary the Magdalen and all of the other women  too:
Were weeping and wailing: they didn't know what to do.

Then out from the shadows in an aura of bright light
Jesus appeared and He was glowing with delight.
They were wanting to touch Him: to take Him from there
But Jesus couldn't allow it so He cautioned with care..

He spoke to them of  Newness and of Being the Way
He wanted them to spread this: what they saw on that day
Death couldn't ever hold Him or the rock with its size
For Jesus was  the Savior and the Prince of the Skies...

They left there with rejoicing and proclaiming His name
Our Savior's now Risen and you can witness the same
For He wasn't among us to be locked up in death
But rather among us to bring new hope and new breath

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