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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Open up all of your windows

Open up all of your windows as you are starting up each day
You can hear all of the created ones: they have so much to say
Every species of the winged ones and every gathering of the flowers
Are opening up with a melody for the Creator of all of our hours.

Each morning is all sparkly with the dew drops of the dawn
The golden rays of the sunshine always point out: night is gone
All aglow with all the sunshine, who is warming up all of the air
Every creative thing and every creature is singing God is everywhere..

The breezes with all of their whisperings are carrying an array
Of fragrances and aromatics from the flowering one's display
They are touching us  with a gentleness as they make their morning round
All the universe is awakening and is soothing us with all its sound.

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