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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have felt the sting of a swinging belt...

I have felt the sting of a swinging belt
And have known the loneliness that I've felt
Whenever I was with her and steeped in pain
Receiving those memories that would ever remain.

It seemed so unreasonable and seemed so unfair
That so many around me were not aware
Of the welts and bruises I kept inside
While  presenting a smile to the world outside

I've heard of stories of a wonderful time
Others had who shared this mom of mine
But couldn't imagine it within my heart
For they and I had had a different start..

Though I speak of it so little right now
And keep the memories  subdued some how
The surge of past hurts will often arise
And bring the tear drops to my eyes.

So during this month that's set aside
To protect the child: I remember I cried
And felt the loneliness and the pain
Not just for a day but again and again.

It wasn't so easy to close my eyes
When memories of hurts would often arise
But with God's grace and determined will
The broken child is beginning to heal..

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