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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I am with you ...

You are weeping today and the tears are everywhere
Too many are the hurts that are plaguing you over there
Oh little one of MY heart let ME calm you in your  fears
Let me gather you to MYSELF  so  I can dry all your tears.

You are trembling today and your soul seems so afraid
Too many are the troubles that have left you dismayed
Let me take you to MYSELF let ME hush away your fears
I am the God of every moment and the God of all your years..

You are welling up today and   are thinking you're alone
Seems to you that everyone has something of their own
So you My little one have been seeking out some space
Let ME take you to MYSELF and house you in MY grace

MY graces are  around you  and where ever you may go
You will never feel alone for you will always  know
That you and I are inseparable and  you and I are one
No one can ever undo this for MY wishes are always done.

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