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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How do you celebrate it: the sprinkling of rain?

Softly the raindrops fall to the ground
While silence is singing a welcoming round
Skies are all covered with clouds oh so gray
Plantlets and creatures rejoice in this day..

The sunshine is hiding; but, it is still near
Of this we are certain:  we haven't a fear;
For raindrops are needed to water the earth:
Moistening the ground makes it easy for birth.

See how the flowers are stretching up high
Receiving the droplets that fall from the sky
Birds and the squirrels and crawling bugs too
Rejoice in the showers as they're passing through..

How do you celebrate it: the sprinkling of rain?
Do you lift up your voice and form a refrain?
Do you scribble some words  and make up a rhyme
How do you celebrate it this showery time?

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