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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't let those storm clouds frighten you

Do not let those heavy storm clouds frighten you away
Breathe in that stormy weather like it was a sunny day
It can only make you stronger and ready for coming years
Hang in there when it's rainy, whenever you're shedding tears..

Like all  the flowers in the springtime soak in that falling rain
Let it wash away your worries and soothe you in all your pain
As the flowing showers are letting up and you look up in the sky
You'll  see that colorful rainbow that says hope hasn't passed you by.

We do not always know the answers for why things just have to be
But we have that Eternal Divine Assurance that there is an Eternity
Where all of the tear drops once fallen will be woven into a crown
And we who have known the sorrows will no longer be feeling down

For this life is, for us, a journey from our birth home to a higher place
And we are all assured of  a happiness if we but walk inside of God's grace
No investigations about our wealth or status or ever about how we look
Will be a mandatory requirement before we find  an entry  inside of Life's book..

So let us all  push forward through all of the struggles, through everything we fear
And let us know that that One who created us is ever present and always near:
Ready to send us all of His angels with all of their protection and their light
The Eternal will never abandon or leave us: we are His children and His delight.

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