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Friday, April 18, 2014

Calvary .. from one who watched.......

They were leading Him away, this man that everybody seem to know
He was a mass of wounds: beaten up and wounded from his head to toe
No one seemed to care that he could barely move his arms or his feet
They became like animals who were starving for some fresh piece of meat

What could He have done to have met up with such anguish and such doom
The crowd was in an uproar and their anger seemed to punish and to consume
I had heard that He was a healer and had helped many who were in that crowd
But now they were all angry and cursing and shouting things at Him out loud

No one was weeping but a woman that was  dressed up in a cloak of the darkest gray
I believe I heard Him speaking to her tenderly as He was walking along the way
But they would stop Him the ones who were leading Him roughly towards that hill
I knew that direction and knew that they led people there they intended to kill.

What a terrible frenzy of faces who were laughing and insulting Him with scorn
Was it not bad enough that His pace was labored and His frame was wasted and torn
They were unbelieveable in that they seemed to show no sympathy for Him at all
I could barely watch it but felt compelled like it was for me some special call

Once on the hill there they stripped Him of His bloodied covering and lay him down
He look so pitiful all broken up and limp as He rested upon that filthy ground
Huge spikes they took and with an enormous hammer nailed Him to two pieces of Tree
They raised Him up and dropped Him in a setting there for all to watch and see

Oh I couldn't bare it to see This Man so bloodied up and laboring to live and to breathe
He was known to many as a Miracle Worker and Savior but now no one was willing to believe
He was speaking on occasion to a few followers who stood beneath His cross below
They were the only ones who seemed to have courage to push through that angry show

The skies were all darkened  at a certain part of that most dismal part of that dreadful day
It seemed like night time and people hushed up for a moment to see what He was going to say
Some say He was calling the prophet Elijah while others seemed to continue in their mockery
He bowed His head after speaking forgiveness and this Man of Love died most pitifully..

After inquiring more about Him I learned He spoke of a new Kingdom  to come
Many believed in Him at first  but became badly influenced by the jealousy of some
No one would defend Him when He was finally sentenced and being led away to die..
The thought of all this now moves me deeply and  I cannot help but to weep and cry.

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