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Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Sometimes the illnesses will come and sometimes the disappointments too
Sometimes there will be those  moments when you don't know what to do
Sometimes the hearts will grow cold and  sometimes the wells will run dry
Sometimes you will have nothing more to do than to break down and cry:

And when those moments come and when your friends are far
It is then that you will find out just who you really are
You will have to dig down deep; you will have to tap inside
And find out that One who will help you with this world outside

Sometimes the hurts will be deep and sometimes the storms will be many
Sometimes you will be looking for some help and you won't be finding any
Sometimes the misunderstandings will mount; sometimes you'll be feeling low
Sometimes you will be needing that nod but instead they're letting you go..

And when those moments come and when your friends are far
It is then that you will find out just who you really are
You will have to dig down deep; you will have to tap inside
And find out that One who will help you with this world outside

Sometimes your body will want to crumble and sometimes your eyes will close
Sometimes you will have to tremble with all that your remembering knows
Sometimes you'll be wanting to hide and sometimes you'll be wanting to be still
Sometimes you will have nothing more than knowing you are doing God's Will

And when those moments come and when your friends are far
It is then that you will find out just who you really are
You will have to dig down deep; you will have to tap inside
And find out that One who will help you with this  world outside

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Today there is need....

Today there is  need
For planting good seed
Too long has the greed
Grown freely like weed.

Instead of sharp darts
Emerging from hearts
Let each of our starts
Be about doing our parts

No more being afraid
Of the caring displayed
Mistakes needn't be portrayed
In the theaters or parade..

When love finally returns
And everyone of us earns
From the wheel that churns
There'll be no more concerns

It is time for our nation
To dissolve its taxation
Of the poorer generation
Can I get an ovation?

Monday, April 28, 2014

Mother Nature has so much to say...

Mother Nature has so much to say
As she goes rushing through the USA
Roaring winds and the fallen trees
Are creating news: everyone sees

The broken pieces are everywhere
While cars and homes are in the air
Destructive winds with their overflow
Have left our nation feeling quite low...

Guess it is time we stop and pray
Change our lives and change our way
Often it is that we do not understand
The coded messages now at hand..

So let us consider  the things we do:
Have we been faithful, Have we been true
Is there something we shouldn't have done
Will we be ready for the Eternal Sun?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Ungrateful beggar

An ungrateful beggar had come to me
Seeking for my help and my charity
But once I had given it, he cut me low
And spoke most awfully to all I know

Though I wasn't able and I wasn't there
I provided for him without any  care
Paying his utilities and paying his bills
Saving him from those handful of pills

Now he's so hateful a sworn enemy
He doesn't remember any of my charity
He's running with venom. ready to destroy
The one he has known since he was a boy

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Open up all of your windows

Open up all of your windows as you are starting up each day
You can hear all of the created ones: they have so much to say
Every species of the winged ones and every gathering of the flowers
Are opening up with a melody for the Creator of all of our hours.

Each morning is all sparkly with the dew drops of the dawn
The golden rays of the sunshine always point out: night is gone
All aglow with all the sunshine, who is warming up all of the air
Every creative thing and every creature is singing God is everywhere..

The breezes with all of their whisperings are carrying an array
Of fragrances and aromatics from the flowering one's display
They are touching us  with a gentleness as they make their morning round
All the universe is awakening and is soothing us with all its sound.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Darkness is moving you ...

You're running  around with ill intent
And spreading your lies with evil scent
Boasting and behaving like you're  a saint
Reputations of many you will taint

Those who have helped you now you hate
While you pave the road of  damning fate
Darkness is moving you to fret and  fight
Those who are keepers of purest light

Because you are bragging up like a king
You're  failing to see the evil one's sting
Working its poison so deep within
Transforming you into another him..

You would do better, oh, yes you would
To stop all this nonsense, like you should
But you won't even  hear and you will not try
You're a spewer of venom for  the  passerby..

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Not imposing on anyone

I heard the wind start blowing,for  it wasn't whispering
It was speaking of  the true giving-ness inside of everything
Quietly revealing it and shining forth with God's grace
Eternity's Wisdom was in every single place.

The breezes were speaking to every created thing around
To the flowers in their blossom and to the ants on the ground
Moving , always so freely, and opening up to us  all
The Secrets from Heaven were so ready to fall....

Not imposing on any one of us:  the Spirit of God's love
Was touching each  one of us  with a kiss from Above
Enabling us by the doing to be loving and  to be kind
The Spirit is inviting us  to a newness of mind....

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

God's Creativity

The morning doves are singing with all the birds around
Trees and flowers are dancing with the breezes they have found
Creeping crawling legged ones are scampering here and there
Mother earth is waking up to creatures everywhere.

The bright blue skies are filling up with a cloud or two
Each one is a fluffy white: good weather's passing through
Melodic sounds are echoing with the start of this new day
Spring time is a lovely time to notice earth's display

The sounds of spring are soothing ones:  pure and crystal clear
Smells of blossoming flowers add a  fragrance to the air
All the world outside is  alive and is waiting for us to see
That there's something more than the material:   God's Creativity!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Still thinking of you, my sister so dear....

Still thinking of you my sister so dear
I know  you are happy and free from all fear
Death took you so early and now you can see
Heaven is so beautiful: isn't it Vicky?

I remember the phone calls and talking with you
Your love for good music and tv shows too
"Pizza's so delicious and so is some pop"
You loved to get bargains whenever you'd shop

You were always a realist and never would lie
Spoke of the good times and those that passed by
You were always my sister and also my friend
I miss you so dearly on this you can depend..

Hope you'll remember me before our dear  God
And send me some angels for this road that I trod
It makes me so jealous to know that you're  there
But my time hasn't come yet I'm getting my fare...

So long dearest Vicky,  accept this poor rhyme
I'll be looking to see you in God's chosen time
Sing with  the angels and be all that you can be
As you bask in God's presence for all of  Eternity..

Love you Vicky:

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Out from the shadows

They went to the grave of the Crucified One
With grief in their heart over all that was done
The visions of that Friday were still deep within
The oils and the ointments they were carrying to Him

But to their amazement, the great stone was gone
And their Beloved was missing: disappeared before dawn
Who was it,  who took Him and where could He be?
They searched and they called Him:  the Lamb of Calvary

But no one would be answering.. their shouts or their call
The burial place was now empty, as witnessed by all
Mary the Magdalen and all of the other women  too:
Were weeping and wailing: they didn't know what to do.

Then out from the shadows in an aura of bright light
Jesus appeared and He was glowing with delight.
They were wanting to touch Him: to take Him from there
But Jesus couldn't allow it so He cautioned with care..

He spoke to them of  Newness and of Being the Way
He wanted them to spread this: what they saw on that day
Death couldn't ever hold Him or the rock with its size
For Jesus was  the Savior and the Prince of the Skies...

They left there with rejoicing and proclaiming His name
Our Savior's now Risen and you can witness the same
For He wasn't among us to be locked up in death
But rather among us to bring new hope and new breath

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rest in Peace Vicky..

Tears are falling down my eyes
Though outside are sunny skies
I'll  always miss you: it is true
I know all that you've been through

Though others said it wasn't so
You and I  had wounds to show
Now you are  in a better place
Peaceful bliss and life of grace.

I remember all: the days of old
How our childhood would unfold:
You and I would talk and play
And wish the hurts would go away

Truth be known that Heaven's great
It is our end:  our destined fate
Vicky Pachowicz: sweet sister dear
I miss you dearly: you're always near

Friday, April 18, 2014

Calvary .. from one who watched.......

They were leading Him away, this man that everybody seem to know
He was a mass of wounds: beaten up and wounded from his head to toe
No one seemed to care that he could barely move his arms or his feet
They became like animals who were starving for some fresh piece of meat

What could He have done to have met up with such anguish and such doom
The crowd was in an uproar and their anger seemed to punish and to consume
I had heard that He was a healer and had helped many who were in that crowd
But now they were all angry and cursing and shouting things at Him out loud

No one was weeping but a woman that was  dressed up in a cloak of the darkest gray
I believe I heard Him speaking to her tenderly as He was walking along the way
But they would stop Him the ones who were leading Him roughly towards that hill
I knew that direction and knew that they led people there they intended to kill.

What a terrible frenzy of faces who were laughing and insulting Him with scorn
Was it not bad enough that His pace was labored and His frame was wasted and torn
They were unbelieveable in that they seemed to show no sympathy for Him at all
I could barely watch it but felt compelled like it was for me some special call

Once on the hill there they stripped Him of His bloodied covering and lay him down
He look so pitiful all broken up and limp as He rested upon that filthy ground
Huge spikes they took and with an enormous hammer nailed Him to two pieces of Tree
They raised Him up and dropped Him in a setting there for all to watch and see

Oh I couldn't bare it to see This Man so bloodied up and laboring to live and to breathe
He was known to many as a Miracle Worker and Savior but now no one was willing to believe
He was speaking on occasion to a few followers who stood beneath His cross below
They were the only ones who seemed to have courage to push through that angry show

The skies were all darkened  at a certain part of that most dismal part of that dreadful day
It seemed like night time and people hushed up for a moment to see what He was going to say
Some say He was calling the prophet Elijah while others seemed to continue in their mockery
He bowed His head after speaking forgiveness and this Man of Love died most pitifully..

After inquiring more about Him I learned He spoke of a new Kingdom  to come
Many believed in Him at first  but became badly influenced by the jealousy of some
No one would defend Him when He was finally sentenced and being led away to die..
The thought of all this now moves me deeply and  I cannot help but to weep and cry.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Be Still my soul: be still, be still : Good Friday poem

Be still my soul, be still, be still
Add to this day no pomp or thrill
For on this day: so many years ago
The Light of lights ceased to glow

Be still my soul be still, be still
And call to mind that dreadful hill
Where on a cross with arms stretched wide
The world's Redeemer expired and died

Be still my soul, be still, be still
Straighten up your life, your drooping will
For Eternity has chosen to rescue, to see
This soul once broken by tragedy...

Be still my soul, be still, be still
Your destiny is calling: it's time, it's real
From all Eternity from the start of time
Your soul was infused with a life sublime..

Be still, my soul: be still, be still
Allow your heart, your mind to feel
The sorrows the sufferings the worst of mankind
It is what the Lamb of lambs on Calvary did find..

I hear angels..

I hear angels, I hear them every where I go
They are whispering and saying things I need to know
All my undertakings and everything I'll  try to do
Is surrounded by these guardians brave and true..

I see angels but not with these eyes of my humanity.
They are everywhere with their mysteriousness and purity
Always encouraging me and protecting me from every harm
These, my heavently visitors, will never cause in me fear or alarm...

Can you hear them all? You have your guardian spirits too..
Can you see them ..all these beings that are surrounding you?
Do you speak to them..they're ever ready with their open hearts?
Do you welcome them before your busy day wakens or starts?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Priceless moments

Inside  your soul there is too much noise
Be still and let your own spirit have voice
Talk without ranting and whisper away
Peace is inside you: has something to say..

The whirlwind of running around and around
Has led you to nothing; no treasures are found.
So let go of the nothingness and open  your heart
Great things will be happening: are waiting to start..

It's not in the having or in the being up high.
That the happiness is found or seen to pass by
But rather it is  inside of the unmeasureable time
That mysteries are discovered converted to rhyme.

The sequence is continuous and echoes  its theme:
Things may seem sparkly but aren't what they seem
Priceless are the moments and untouchable the way
Reserved for the silent and the people who pray....

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How do you celebrate it: the sprinkling of rain?

Softly the raindrops fall to the ground
While silence is singing a welcoming round
Skies are all covered with clouds oh so gray
Plantlets and creatures rejoice in this day..

The sunshine is hiding; but, it is still near
Of this we are certain:  we haven't a fear;
For raindrops are needed to water the earth:
Moistening the ground makes it easy for birth.

See how the flowers are stretching up high
Receiving the droplets that fall from the sky
Birds and the squirrels and crawling bugs too
Rejoice in the showers as they're passing through..

How do you celebrate it: the sprinkling of rain?
Do you lift up your voice and form a refrain?
Do you scribble some words  and make up a rhyme
How do you celebrate it this showery time?

Monday, April 14, 2014

"I'm sorry"

Easy words to say, they are; but how often they're never said!
Hurting words are so much easier, for humility we  so dread...
Admitting to others our weaknesses and showing them our brokenness
Is something we would rather not do so we continue in our foolishness

The world is waiting, so many times, for us all to come and say:
"I'm sorry for the things I've done; I shouldn't have acted that way!"
But waiting is all it  will ever do; for we're not willing to ever admit:
That we've done something so reproachable; so to our lying we commit...

The day will come when we will wait for those words we would never say
People will have hurt us so tremendously that we would want to walk away
But then we will remember the ones we have hurt and hear inside of our head:
"Aren't there people awaiting your apology for things you've done and said?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bad Lawyer....

There is never any guarantee
with a title or with a degree
That the services you provide
Are free from self or free from pride

For too many times I have seen
The educated : cruel and mean
Shouting down with all of their air
Abusive words without a care.

Just because we trusted in you...
Doesn't validate what you do
The day is coming : already here
Corrupted lawyer: you'll have to appear.

So  flaunt your power and your might
Abusing  the ones for whom you fight
The day's approaching for all to see
Abusive words you used on me...

Saturday, April 12, 2014

What am I missing ....?

What am I missing with all of my rush:
The beautiful creatures and a cool April touch
Golden streams flowing with the breaking of dawn
The birds and the squirrels and a doe with her fawn.

The first signs of springtime, the dew all around
Crocuses and lilies and tulips in the ground
Insects with their movement and clouds in the sky
Winds with their whispering  and the quiet butterfly..

The missing in action those things I can't see
Really aren't missing but they might as well be
Because with all of my hurrying and all of my rush
I don't give them notice and haven't time for such.

So it would be to my benefit the good of my soul
To take on a pattern that will create a new goal
From hurrying and acquiring and running around
To quieting my movements and softening my sound

Rising up each morning and settling down at night
With creatures and creation and all things of light.
No need for the competing and no need for the rush
Let the rest of the world have it for I'm not needing such.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The pace that brings us peace

Early in the waking morning and rising with the sun
Creatures of the universe are readying for their fun
Singing out with happiness and jumping all around
All the earth is singing out. Hear their cheerful sound?

Filtering through the atmosphere; shining through the sky:
The enormous sun is setting out to warm both you and I
We feel it with our waking up; and see it with our eyes:
The morning star is welcoming the universe who sighs...

Pushing through our sleepiness; and readying for our day:
Everyone  is waking  up but  rushing along the way
We have to get our things in order: have so much to do
Before you know it: "time is up" and our free time too..

We haven't time to look and notice the beauty of the trees
We're caught up in our whirlwind life: no time for ecstasies!
When we're done with scheduled stuff and end our busy day
We haven't time to look outside or join the earth in play

So what's the answer to our rush,  the pace that brings us peace:
Slowing down our world enough to appreciate the bees...
Breathing in with slower breaths the airs of every day
And pausing long enough to whisper with the earth and pray...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Around and around without any guidance..

The world she trembles and she weeps
Over the violence her children keep
Around and around without any guidance
Unsettled souls disrupt the silence

Day after day all across the screen
People are fighting and people are mean
Not even caring about the lives they change
Their sense of right is starting to rearrange

The young and the old are seeped in blood
Whenever the tempers start to flood
The shattered mind and wounded soul
Death and destruction become their goal

How can we stop it this growing trend
Of broken minds that never mend
Appearing in public but never known
Their path of hatred is all they own...

We need to stop it while there's time
So take some notice of this rhyme
Souls are broken and seeking aide
Recognize the  signs and patterns made...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Don't let those storm clouds frighten you

Do not let those heavy storm clouds frighten you away
Breathe in that stormy weather like it was a sunny day
It can only make you stronger and ready for coming years
Hang in there when it's rainy, whenever you're shedding tears..

Like all  the flowers in the springtime soak in that falling rain
Let it wash away your worries and soothe you in all your pain
As the flowing showers are letting up and you look up in the sky
You'll  see that colorful rainbow that says hope hasn't passed you by.

We do not always know the answers for why things just have to be
But we have that Eternal Divine Assurance that there is an Eternity
Where all of the tear drops once fallen will be woven into a crown
And we who have known the sorrows will no longer be feeling down

For this life is, for us, a journey from our birth home to a higher place
And we are all assured of  a happiness if we but walk inside of God's grace
No investigations about our wealth or status or ever about how we look
Will be a mandatory requirement before we find  an entry  inside of Life's book..

So let us all  push forward through all of the struggles, through everything we fear
And let us know that that One who created us is ever present and always near:
Ready to send us all of His angels with all of their protection and their light
The Eternal will never abandon or leave us: we are His children and His delight.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The morning is slipping away.....

The morning is slipping away from me
I haven't took time to look and see
The beautiful and wonderful atmosphere
So now I will pause and see and hear.

See sawing back and forth with sound
Robbins and cardinals are singing a round
Of melodic melodies so pure and clear
They are soothing, relaxing and full of cheer..

The sky outside is all dressed in gray
But squirrels and insects still want to play
Gathering and jumping and poking around
All of the universe is creating some sound

If for a moment or a second or two
You can take notice of the silence in you
Everything around you will echo and sing
And you will be in touch with everything...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Tap into the beauty...

Slow down, oh my soul, there is so much for you to see:
So much of the universe is just now starting to be.
If you would be too quick and hurry on through the day;
You would miss all of the artwork and the beauty on display

What is your reason for racing, for never taking the time?
Are you afraid of the  Inspirer of verse and of rhyme?
Or is it that the silence, that comes from no more noise
Awakens the inner spirit that challenging Inner Voice?

There's a greatness in the absence of speeding through the day
And you can only discover it by slowing down your way
With the vision of the newness of an ever breaking morn
You can tap into that beauty with which your soul was born..

Creativity and discovery are both waiting for you to hear
That invitation to be vacating: all that hurried atmosphere
So will you do this my being, will you make that unhurried time
And enter into the realms of the sacred and the sublime?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I am with you ...

You are weeping today and the tears are everywhere
Too many are the hurts that are plaguing you over there
Oh little one of MY heart let ME calm you in your  fears
Let me gather you to MYSELF  so  I can dry all your tears.

You are trembling today and your soul seems so afraid
Too many are the troubles that have left you dismayed
Let me take you to MYSELF let ME hush away your fears
I am the God of every moment and the God of all your years..

You are welling up today and   are thinking you're alone
Seems to you that everyone has something of their own
So you My little one have been seeking out some space
Let ME take you to MYSELF and house you in MY grace

MY graces are  around you  and where ever you may go
You will never feel alone for you will always  know
That you and I are inseparable and  you and I are one
No one can ever undo this for MY wishes are always done.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Please don't judge me...

Just because you are not frightened by the things that frighten me
Doesn't mean I can not be frightened or  that the fear cannot be
It simply means the stimulus that is presently triggering me
Is something you haven't experienced in any of your history

So let me be afraid now and let me experience this passing fear
And do not go on to belittle me when I am not around to hear
For the angels who are surrounding us and are ever by our side
Are aware of all our whisperings: no matter our attempts to hide.

You're strong in all of your actions so it's hard for you to understand
That someone else can be trembling  and  needing an extra hand
So please don't tell me the "suppose to's", the things that "I should do"
Because you cannot  imagine it:  all the trauma that I've been through.

I know that I am a  weakling  and that you have not fear at all...
So it's hard for you to understand it:  the things that make me fall
But I ask you try to imagine it: inside your mind: so brave and strong
How you'd handle a tenth of my trauma and the hurts I carry along?

Friday, April 4, 2014

Every morning sings....

I can hear the song of the morning dove
She coos about life and she coos about love
Quietly moving she is readying for day
While echoing her song all along the way

The branches of trees are making a sound
Telling me of breezes that are passing around
Leaves with their green-ness are flickering
And creating a melody for the universe to sing

Two legged creatures and all those on four
Are greeting the dawn with music and more
Giving their voices and acts of the day
All of the universe is starting to pray.

Not with some formula or measured out line
Do they all start singing to the Great Divine.
But with all of their simplicity and all of their  love
The universe starts praising the Eternal Above.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The day has been crying

The day has been crying the tears of the skies
Heartache and tragedy before us now lies
Headlines have told us about sorrowing Fort Hood
Oh my dearest Jesus please help us be good..

The papers keep  filling up line after line
Tragedy and heartache appear every time
What is it that keeps us from doing the right:
Addictions to the darkness and fear of the Light?

I cannot believe it the newscast each day
Always spending hours on the negative  display
It would be so wonderful and a blessing to hear.
Something more positive and not so much   fear

To those who are suffering my heart speaks to you
I wish I could erase it: everything you're going through
But I cannot begin to do this: so I address you in rhyme:
May your heart find true healing with the passing of time.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I have felt the sting of a swinging belt...

I have felt the sting of a swinging belt
And have known the loneliness that I've felt
Whenever I was with her and steeped in pain
Receiving those memories that would ever remain.

It seemed so unreasonable and seemed so unfair
That so many around me were not aware
Of the welts and bruises I kept inside
While  presenting a smile to the world outside

I've heard of stories of a wonderful time
Others had who shared this mom of mine
But couldn't imagine it within my heart
For they and I had had a different start..

Though I speak of it so little right now
And keep the memories  subdued some how
The surge of past hurts will often arise
And bring the tear drops to my eyes.

So during this month that's set aside
To protect the child: I remember I cried
And felt the loneliness and the pain
Not just for a day but again and again.

It wasn't so easy to close my eyes
When memories of hurts would often arise
But with God's grace and determined will
The broken child is beginning to heal..

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Only the silence....

Only the silence of the morning makes it possible to hear
All the music of the universe with my poor mortal ear
Only the silence of the soul makes it possible to have here
All the wisdom of the Heavens which are really quite near

So I say silence oh my soul now:  be you silent deep within
So that the music of the morning can finally enter in
And silence oh my being yes be you quiet deep inside
So I can hear my Maker and His created world outside

I won't put it on no more. No, I wont put it on to start my morn
Because I don't want the media telling me who it is I should scorn
And I won't let it in no more;  I won't let it in that artificial noise
Which was created by a mere mortal while he was creating all his toys

So I say silence oh my soul now:  be you silent deep within
So that the music of the morning can finally enter in
And silence oh my being yes be you quiet deep inside
So I can hear my Maker and all His created world outside

What a happiness and a peace that start flooding my soul inside
When I can open up and allow in  the secrets  noise can hide
It's like a healing ointment that is pouring out upon a sore
It recreates me anew into  someone I  have never met before...

So I say silence oh my soul now:  be you silent deep within
So that the music of the morning can finally enter in
And silence oh my being yes be you quiet deep inside
So I can hear my Maker and all His created world outside