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Sunday, March 23, 2014

When you wake up ....

Breathe in all the silence of this new day just beginning
Inhale all of its mystery: which, for us, is slowly thinning
Touch upon the wind stream which is carrying so much grace
Open up to the moments which, in an instant, can erase

Hear inside you  the voices of so many generations
Rising from the earth like so many powerful oblations
Spirits from the ages that are no longer in our time
Inviting you into visions like some slowly opening rhyme

Quiet all of your reasoning and your ever critical ways
Let in all the spiritual and the Creator of your days
Back away from the pettiness and the grasping without end
Embrace the One whose with you as your Ever present Friend.

When you come to taste it: this sweet portion so Divine
Everything around you will become sacred like a shrine
Your actions will become mirrors of the Ever Giving Love
And everyone who sees you will see a reflection from Above...

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