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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wake up, all you sleepers....

The geese in the sky are a beautiful thing
And their passing us by is a sign of the Spring
Though temperatures fell  in the middle of night
The Robins are singing of a wintry flight.

The scampering squirrels are saluting the day
While searching for stashes they romp and they play
The viewing of creatures that joyfully run
Is totally inviting but work must get done...

Peaking through slightly the color of green
Announces the seedling who wants to be seen
Slowly emerging the tip of the sprout
Delights all of the creatures, once it is out

Spring has a music particularly her own
She rouses the lazy without any phone
Calling out creatures and mentioning names
"Wake up, all you sleepers..Enough with the games" .

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