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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vanished from the sky...Flight 370

Vanished from the sky in the middle of the night
An airliner carrying many disappeared from sight.
Mysterious was the news coming across the screen:
Flight 370 is missing and is nowhere to be seen

Somewhere in the vastness of the universe unexplored
A flight carrying passengers is mysteriously floored
Un-explainable, this happening, in such a time as ours..
A plane has disappeared: vanished beneath the stars.

There are no signs of casualties, floating pieces or parts
The only thing there is: are so many longing hearts
Loved ones and acquaintances: friends of all the  lost
Are waiting to hear something about the paths 370 crossed..

Wherever you might be now: in this world or not
Just know the world is searching as everybody ought
Make known to us if you can now: through some sign or way
The presence of your landing or what causes your delay.

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