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Saturday, March 29, 2014

The sound of the raindrops...

I soak in the rain drops that pour down outside
I let all of their rhythm calm me deep down inside
Though I haven't them on me I  feel them within
The healing of the raindrops is calling again.

Everything is glistening beneath what they do
Tree leaves and plant-lets and shiny rocks too
Refreshing and soothing these little droplets are
Raindrops are rejuvenating for the near and the far.

See how the creatures are all dancing around
Drenched in the showers that fall to the ground
Happy and excited the squirrels and the birds
Display all of their feelings without need for words.

Have you ever inhaled it the energy of  the rain?
It's freeing and healing and can lessen your pain
Soothing and rhythmic and harmonizing too
Let the sound of the raindrops enter within you

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