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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Talking with Eternity

Oh Loving Father and Spirit, I immerse myself into Your loving presence
I breathe You and I need You for without You nothing can ever make any sense
Oh Everlasting One I struggle with the wording of this brand new rhyme
Please help me and guide me as I embrace the vision of this sacred time

Oh omnipotent I feel the sweetness of your presence in the world around
I can hear You speaking through the flowers, the trees and all the creative sound
Though my eyes fail me in my attempt to gaze upon Your most sacredness
I know in seeing the universe I can catch a glimpse of Your Infinite Loveliness.

I stand in awe-ness and in wonderment before the infinity of Your generosity
From the littlest atom to the greatest manifestations of the sky and sea
You are present and caring through the creativity that these things contain
May I adore You in my simplicity and appreciation for the providence you ordain..

I am humbled by the knowledge of how much You do to insure my happiness
There's nothing I have or want that doesn't pass by Your All-knowing-ness
If I am needy You are present in the wishing that my soul would manifest
And if I am  satisfied You are present in the security of soul that I possess

Oh Infinite Eternity, I know  you are awaiting my final days of captive time
I embrace You fully and dedicate to You this humble form of flowing rhyme
I cannot understand it that You have constantly moved within me throughout the day
But I desire to please You and adore You forever in everything I shall do or say..


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