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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Soul, so wounded....

Tears were rolling down her face
And scars inside would not erase
Memories like a flowing stream
Would not whisper but would scream

She looked outside but would not go
Perhaps "they'd" see her and would know
That she was broken and torn apart
So many wounds were inside her heart

A shattered childhood left her torn
She lived through night, longed for morn
Her tears were friends that hung around
And in a crowd she would make no sound.

A fragile being tossed by fate
Was never first and was never  late
Wanted friendship but couldn't allow
Anyone near her: no way,  no how.

Shivering soldier:  armed with fright
Lay down those arms and cease to fight
Your wounds can heal and you can be whole
If you would end the warring inside your soul.

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