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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Soon the winter'll be leaving...

Mother earth has been chilling lately and the frost is everywhere
The Spring has been slow in coming and winter breezes nip and tear
Robbins are showing their bravery and are singing their song of Spring
Just a little while longer and the earth will start to sing..

Though the sparkling shine of crystals are forming artwork everywhere
And winter winds have been generous in their willingness to share
The time has come to soften all of those of those blasts of wintry chill
For the spring time is so needed and would be warming heart and will.

The squirrels romp and wrestle about the oak trees starting to bloom
While the birds of many feathers are at the feeder that's lacking room
All the universe is awakening beneath the frozen wisps of air
"Soon the winter'll be leaving":  "it is the rumor that's everywhere."

So do not lose your ambition for the spring time  is drawing near
And the sound of chirping chicklings will be in the wind streams that you hear
The need for extra clothing will no longer cause you such delay
For Spring time  will change you wardrobe and quicken you along the way

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