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Monday, March 31, 2014

Outside they are singing

Outside they are singing the song of the blest
Great harmonizing and a great measured rest
Hear how the universe is starting to sing
Hymns for the creator from within everything

The choir has started and the assembly joins  in:
The squirrels, the plant-lets and the humans begin
The rhythm ,  the movement. the unspoken sound
Serve as the percussion for all creatures around.

The altar is prepped now across all the terrain
Oblations are served through the falling of rain
The rising of fragrances from flowers and trees
Serve as the incense for the land, sky and seas.

What wonderful worship from great ones and small
No buildings all cluttered no buildings at all
Just a vast open universe that worships outside
Everyone is welcome and nobody is denied.

The spirit is moving across most of our land
All the universe is liberated in freedom we stand
Inhaling the mystery that fills all this earth
The Creator is present and is giving all rebirth..

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