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Friday, March 7, 2014

Life is like the seasons

The freezing rains they fell and  were shining upon the trees
Sparkling displays of life were motionless beneath the freeze
Birds who pecked and poked were now waiting for the rays
Of the early morning sun who would make light upon their ways.

The silence of the chill was much deeper than one can see
And Lights inside were flickering: challenging powers that be
The weather outside wasn't one that we would freely choose
But there's  such a beauty in it: just don't listen to the news...

Like the seed that is in the  darkness and is covered up by snow
Our lives, though they are hidden are much more than others know
And though the storms may gather and shake up the trembling earth
The movement will make it easier for the Spring to give us birth

Life is like the  seasons that are changing  the world around
And passes like the moments that disappear without noise or sound
We've become the new innovators and the inventors of our time
We can choose to watch life passing or stop to create the rhyme.

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