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Sunday, March 30, 2014

In defense of the Divine

I have tasted of the sweetness that is moving within my soul
And I have seen the brightest visions which reveal my truest goal
I have witnessed all of creation with its glow of love divine
I am privileged and so favored and see it from this heart of mine.

There are sufferings and there are sorrows that are surely to occur
There's temptations  all around me and there are false ones who allure.
But I have that One Protector who's been with me since my birth
It is my guardian angel: making clear my path on earth.

Though many may not understand me and might not even be my friend
The Eternal One has been with me with a love that will never end
I have faith in The One Creator though at times I might be  afraid
For so many times I have seen it: The Divine Being's love displayed

Won't you take with me a moment to explore the silence deep within
Won't you listen to all the whispers of the Eternal One one again
He is speaking ever so softly with a voice that is crystal clear
The messages are so  many that   He is wanting you to hear

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