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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I can feel it: all your sorrows

I can feel it deep inside me: all the sorrows that you feel
Your pain has moved me deeply with an empathy:  so real
If I could ever help you and remove from you your pain
I'd do so without waiting and no more hurting would remain...

Let me touch you with my kindness and let me see you as you smile
You don't have to stay so lonely because I'll sit with you awhile
I have heard of all your anguish and have felt it deep inside
Let me help you find some meaning in those teardrops that you hide

It's okay that you are upset now and are feeling like you do
For the feeling of your feelings is part of the healing coming through
Let go of all of that nonsense that is telling you it is wrong
To weep and feel some upset when the suffering has been  long...

We are all but merely human and as a human we're able to weep
Whenever there is a disappointment  that wounds our heart so deep
To say that we are not feeling it when the pain is deep so inside
Would be denying that we are human and can be some form of pride..

So if your heart is aching and your soul is starting to bleed
Don't deny the emotions inside you: through  them your soul is freed
Let go of all of that anguish and let in the tenderest care
The Eternal One's been waiting to remove all the hurts in there.


  1. Thank you for the encouragement. No more tears for me. Why should I cry? You're using your gift in such an enlightening way.(life giving poems) Thank you for allowing The Creator God to use you...and may He continue to bless you in entirety

    1. Hello ..thank you for your kind words...I know we help each other..and while you say my words are helpful..I say your words are so very helpful too..Thank you



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