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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Every morning...

Every morning has a melody and every creature has a song
If you will open  up your windows you can also sing along
Hear the peaceful sea saw of some winged one singing high
Or see the screeching black bird as she is passing by

A certain sense of peacefulness will come upon your day
If you will join the universe and serenade the way
Lifting up your spirit with the breezes and the air
Will enable you to touch upon the Everlasting Care...

Join the rising flowers and the sailing clouds above
Whisper with the angels as they praise the God of Love
Let your spirit wander with the squirrels in the trees
And you will see the wisdom of the butterfly and the bees

Hear the secret sayings of the insects on the run
And watch the glowing mystery of the early rising sun
Let the gentle dew drops rest sweetly upon your face
And inhale the purest outpouring of sanctifying grace.....

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