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Friday, March 28, 2014

Eternity's gifting us...

I am sitting here watching all of natures movements
My windows wide open and the house full of silence
What a wonderful display of so much unspeakable love
Eternity is gifting us with endless transports above.

Through the touch of the wind and the breezes that blow
The Spirit is whispering secrets we all need to know
Invisible and immeasurable but still within our reach
The Omnipotent Creator has so many lessons to teach..

The beautiful and the created are both separate and one
There's a unity that was initiated since all time had begun
And we are here so privileged to partake in  this scene
The symphony of the universe is moving within everything

Can I help it if I am so  tuned into the rhythm of the earth
Acknowledging every seedling and every creature giving birth
There's a beauty in the plant life and in the animal life too
All waiting to be discovered and appreciated: so very true.

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