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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Early morning melodies

The early morning melodies are riding through the  air
And the songs of the many winged ones are tweeted off in prayer
So many different soundings and so many different songs
Are echoing through the silence and through the angel throngs

I can hear the cheerful robins  and the calling cardinal's voice
I can pick up on the blue jays  and the cawing crow's noise
Somewhere in all that mixture a little sparrow is also there
His voice is awful tiny but is raised up through the air.

The spring is finally coming and the chill of winter is going
And a sense of jubilation from each creature is overflowing
Jumping up with great excitement and dancing upon ground
Crawling creatures are ready to join in the rising melodic sound

Can you sense the sounding symphony the universe has composed
Have you opened up your windows or are you keeping them closed
There is a celebratory sounding and a round of the cheerful noise
If you're listening carefully you might even hear the blossom's voice.

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