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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A talk with The Infinite

Give me a song for the morning most dear
Filled with the words that my heart likes to hear
Give me a melody and give me a way
To join with the angels and the universe at play

Tell me the secrets that dance through the sky
And show me the wisdom in the breezes passing by
Open it up to me and take me  inside
The mysterious moment where all the Heavens abide

Hush in me, my worries, that hold me in great fear
Create for me a shelter  when the sorrows draw near
Take me beyond it:  that outward disgrace
And hold me forever in the Eternal  embrace.

I hear it inside me and it's inviting me to see:
Things that remain hidden from all of humanity
Not with some media or book will I find
The treasures uncreated by the creature or mind.

So I will silence my being and will quiet my will
I will open my senses to the whispers that steal
All of my noisy-ness and all of my fear
Replacing them with wonderment and eternity most dear

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