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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Whispering inside the moments

Whispering inside the moments that are opening up each day
The Eternal Spirit is speaking  to us and  has so much to say.
Echoing inside the breezes, and riding inside the air:
Eternity is brought so close to us; we can feel it everywhere.

Not with the sound of the worldly ones; not with the camera flash:
Does the Almighty come out to us;  for He's not in the flow of cash
He comes to us inside the spiritual and comes to us deep within
So if we're going to notice Him we'll  have to let silence begin.

So we'll back away from the daily route and we'll back away from the noise
And enter into the  quiet space where we can hear the Eternal voice
There inside of  the desert place and there inside of the silent ways
We can talk with the One Who Always Is and allow Him time and space.

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