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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Too long have you been limping....

Are you back there in a memory that has brought you many tears
And crushed by the reminder of so many hurtful years?
You cannot see the present as a hopeful loving place
When you're stuck in a moment that holds yesterday's disgrace.

I can see you as you're struggling with that brokenness inside
You want to do much better but you can only run and hide
You do not have to carry all that awfulness within
Your healing is so important; so  let the operating begin.

Once your brokenness is brought out and your spirit is repaired
A certain sense of victory will be felt and also shared
You'll  see the world around you in ways you've never known
And healing will be that garden in which your new life can be grown

Do not hesitate to do this: this great kindness to your soul
Let healing find an entrance and transformation be your goal
Too long have you been limping along this long and windy way
Letting go of what was hurtful will bring you to your better day.

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