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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The universe is singing out

The universe is singing out to everyone around
She is shining out her beauty with such melodic sound
Inside the trees and creatures and inside the ground and sea
A melody is rising up to inspire both you and me

The silence of the early dawn has turned into a song
And creatures of every species have opted to join along
The sparrows and all the bluejays and even the winding snakes
Have joined the rising universe who sings out as she wakes.

Hear them as they're singing out: the creatures one and all
See them as they're dancing now:  the great ones and the small
The trees with all their stature and the violets with their grace
Are joining with the morning as she blesses time and space..

This poem could keep on going on and speak of more and more
But then it wouldn't leave you room to go outside and explore
So this writer is stopping now and leaving you, your  time
To ponder about the universe and to try your hand at rhyme.

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