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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Springtime is coming

The Spring time is coming, the robins are here.
The squirrels and the blue jays are jumping with cheer
Suddenly the weather is changing around
Winter will leave us and flowers will be found.

Signs of the new life are coming up quick
Buds line the tree limbs and grass become thick
Green starts to cover up the places once brown
Seedlings are sprouting and push through the ground.

Soon the new flowers will start to appear
The lilies, the tulips and the roses most dear
Wonderful insects with colorful galore
Will creep and will crawl on the grasses and more.

The season's approaching, soon it'll be spring
Time for the blossoms and the creatures that sing
The silence of winter will give way to some noise
The butterflies and beetles will raise up their voice..

Can you believe it: such wisdom, such ways?
Creation is blessing us and all of our days
Throughout every season and throughout every year
The Universe is supporting us and keeping us dear.


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