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Monday, February 10, 2014

Little child, broken being...

(help stop child abuse)

Little child, broken being:  hurt and huddled all alone.
I can see you. I can hear you. You feel rejected by your own.
You are weeping, you are crying, you are reaching out for care:
Who will help you? Who will save you? Who will take you out of there?

Many pass you, and many see you; many are those who walk away.
You are tiny, you are helpless; you're  not knowing what to say.
Always trying, always crying, always called "the little fool"
You are craving, you are desiring that someone notice you in school.

All the teachers; all your school mates; all the people in your day:
See the bruises, see the scratches; see them all and just walk away
Yes, they're silent, non-respondent never doing much at all
"Not their problem not their child not their responsibility or call."

So you are suffering and you are lingering in the agony of every day
Always weeping, always crying, always hoping it will go away
Someone's heard you, someone's seen you, someone's sure to be the one
Who will save you and  remove you from that place where hurt is done

If you're reading and understanding; and feel that you yourself are aware
Of some child who's broken badly won't you do something: show you care?
Pick up the cell phone,  drive to an office: speak to someone who you know
Be that hero,  be that person who stops  the abusive parent's show.

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