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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Let there be light"

The night wind was whispering and the moonlight danced around
Thousand of tiny atoms were moving inside a silent sound
An aura like many moonbeams was carried upon the  wings
Of countless angel spirits who with them, the morning brings

The hush about was moving and it pierced the spirits within
The dawn was about to break open the silence of earth again
Nudging the restless winged ones and pushing the creeping ones
The morning breeze was waking up the Eternal Ones daughters and sons.

Stretching across the horizon with an illuminating display
The span of the morning astro was creating the light of day
While silently pushing the remnants of the nightly shade away
The morning star was rising up with an ever glowing array.

Gone were the shadows of darkness that lingered throughput the night
Silenced the nightly breezes that keep heralding the coming light
Present the glorious morning surrounded by the Omnipotent one
And everyone presently awaking to the sound of the glorious sun.

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