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Thursday, February 6, 2014

It's right here.....

Taste the sweetness; feel the air:
Touch the beauty, everywhere.
Hear the silence; watch the earth:
All the  world is giving birth

Walk with reverence; sing with ease:
Let the universe give you peace.
Notice everything; pass by none:
Feel the radiance of the sun.

Earth is speaking, soft her voice:
Choose to hear her.. it's your choice.
Slower your movements, slower your pace:
Withdraw awhile, from all  this race.

Time is passing, forever is here:
Let go of timing;  let go of fear.
Eternity's waiting; eternity's now:
Change your tempo, your pace somehow.

What's the hurry, what's the fuss?
What boils within you: makes you cuss?
Peace within you;  peace so near:
Change your vision; all is clear.

Try this mantra, try this phrase
Every morning, all your days:
"All is peaceful, all is love
All is gift from the Great Above."

Look around you; look in here
Heaven's kingdom is so near
Not so distant,  not so high
It's right here, not in some sky

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