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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

If only I could help you see hope once again

Hearing you crying, has left me in tears.
I wish I could erase them, all of those years:
All of those heartaches; and all of those pains:
Everything you've suffered let go like the rains.

The depths of your being you have opened to me
I can feel it within me, that sorrow and agony.
It holds you a victim to the past deep within
If only I could help you see hope once again.

Your worried about crying and letting out all..
Don't hold back those teardrops: let them all fall.
You're broken by history that has happened to you
Healing can happen if you're wanting it to .

So let out those secrets you're holding within
Don't worry about anything: let healing begin
Reveal all those monsters, those abusers and thieves
Everything that's crippled you: that no one else sees.

Once you've exposed it that wounded-ness inside
You'll know such a freedom and experience such pride
For healing will touch you like the gentlest of breezes
And you won't be that person who continuously freezes..

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