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Sunday, February 2, 2014

I stand inside the food-stamp line

I stand inside the food-stamp line
And know some day that I'll be fine
But also know  my presence here
Has made me feel the things I fear.

Those who see me stop and stare
Shake their heads and act unfair
Passing words that cut me deep
I feel ashamed and want to weep

Some speak of taxes paying the way
For  lazy people throughout the day
But fail to see that many have tried
To find some work and  were denied

If some with all their smugness would
Reach out to employ us as they should
We wouldn't have to be inside this  line
And food-stamp recipients would decline

So next time you judge the food-stamp folks
Reach out to relieve them from their yokes
For it isn't always so fun to  hear
That they're the "scum" you won't go near!

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